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First, a little background. I’ve been doing magic for about 11 years. At the beginning, it was mostly things like candle magic, since my introduction to magic was through my introduction to Wicca. Eventually, I also did some work with ceremonial magic, runes, sigils and chaos magic. Somewhere early on, I read The Magician’s Reflection by Bill Whitcomb. It boosted the idea that, not only does a magical system not have to purport to be a thousand years old, there are steps to creating your own system.

I’ve since run into other books that talk about creating your own magical system (Stealing the Fire from Heaven by Stephen Mace being a good one) and so the bits and pieces have run through my head time and again.

Why create my own system? (The smartass part of me says “why not?”). Whitcomb mentions that one of the problems with old systems is that we don’t necessarily have the same cultural context to work from as the magicians of hundreds or thousands of years ago. In those cases we need to learn context as well as magical system. When we create our own systems, we are still doing a fair amount of work, but the context (and therefore relevance) is more applicable to the here and now. Besides, I occasionally like letting my creativity run amuck.

When I decided to start this adventure, I decided that I didn’t want to start with any preconceived notions about “it has to include the classic elements” or base it on a number or anything like that. I wanted to begin at the beginning. So I wrote this:

First, there was the Void. Nothing of nothing, and that’s all there was. After some uncountable time, as there was no measurement of time or concept of time or anything to have the thought of time, tension built up in the Void and a ripple snapped across it, like a muscle held too tight that jerks to relax itself. That ripple was Chaos. Other ripples followed and Chaos flowed in the Void. Chaos bumped into Chaos and combined and Order was formed. Chaos grew and changed and formed Energy. Order grew and changed and formed Matter. Chaos and Order met in the Void and intertwined and became the Spark which is Consciousness.

These all continue to exist, to change and grow in many forms: Void, Chaos, Order, Energy, Matter, and Consciousness. They come together and pull apart, ebb and flow and interact. Those we think of as deities have more Energy and Consciousness and less Matter than those we think of as human.

I’ve taken this and created a grid of correspondences, using these six original forces, which I’m calling Primals. The grid is the Primal Grid. That is my base for creating symbols, alphabet, rituals, and more. The entire grimoire is available as a pdf.