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The Wiccan Minister’s Manual by Kevin M. Gardner

I recently started thinking about putting together a clergy curriculum for my teaching coven and therefore started looking for resources I could recommend. The Wiccan Minister’s Manual definitely fits the bill. In the first section, “Making the Connection,” Gardner talks about ways we can facilitate individual’s search for the connection to divinity. Some of this is very practical, such as suggestions on how to help someone who does not visualize be able to do guided meditations. Other sections of the book cover “How to Live a Spiritual Life,” “Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit,” “Psychic Self-Defense and Rituals of Protection” (which includes the only example I’ve seen of how to perform a Wiccan exorcism), and “Spiritual Support Roles and the Many Hats We Wear.”

Gardner has been clergy for many years and clearly has dealt with many situations personally. That knowledge and experience comes through as he gives examples of how he has dealt with various situations. I do recommend that you take his approaches into consideration but use your own judgement or research. For example, the section on the laws for being able to perform marriages has some out-of-date information, as laws change. I will say that nothing in this book raised alarms with me, unlike A Handbook for Wiccan Clergy by the same author. In the Handbook, some of the materials included suggestions on how to help a couple through a divorce, including some activities that I think are better suited to a lawyer or accountant. I suggest you tread lightly in areas where you don’t have expertise. That approach is more prevalent in the Manual.

I do recommend the The Wiccan Minister’s Manual as it covers a good amount of material I haven’t seen elsewhere and does so in a responsible and compassionate manner.

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