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Pemaquid Day

You’re only allowed to feel the cooling breeze
if you hear the ocean come ashore.
Find the places where the sea crawls,
insinuating itself between the rocks,
a shy but eager child
looking for a place to rest.
Find the places where the sea demands attention,
chisels the stone like a sculptor
so used to his work
that the blows are unconscious.

It’s that time of day
when the sky and sea
are the same color,
the clouds are islands,
and you can’t be sure
you’re not driving down
into the sky.

The stars are profuse tonight,
faint and brilliant,
they make a contour map of the sky.
You can reach out
and feel textures,
touch the light cotton
of the Milky Way
and prick your finger
on carnelian Mars.

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