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I’d forgotten about sunsets, so caught in the cogs, the daily slow hour and   fast headache world. But Thursday, there were deer   grazing on the highway shoulder. Yesterday, the scent of lavendar   won through the car exhaust. And tonight, there was a sailor’s   delight, flush pink sky. And I remembered sunsets.


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To Beg the Motion

I stretch ahead, to move forward, to beg the motion to take me on, but I know the road is broken. I stumble on my love, I stumble on emotion, I crumble by the shore. And climb again upon the rocks, reaching for more. I stretch ahead, to move forward, to beg the motion to . . . → Read More: To Beg the Motion

Pemaquid Day

You’re only allowed to feel the cooling breeze if you hear the ocean come ashore. Find the places where the sea crawls, insinuating itself between the rocks, a shy but eager child looking for a place to rest. Find the places where the sea demands attention, chisels the stone like a sculptor so used to . . . → Read More: Pemaquid Day

Maine Sculpture

The striations in the stone, their roughness to the touch, make the rocks a sensual thing, neither male nor female. The very cracks in the granite make it harder, sharper, and I want to add the sweat of my fingers to the centuries’ salt water, not to destroy, but to take part in its shaping.

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The line between sea and sky blurs in the fog. Beyond the jade foam and ivory spray, beyond the marble, flexing muscles of the ocean, the world drops away into cold grey chaos.

This is the might of the heart of the world, thrusting fingers older than Neptune into the shore, scratching with ancient fingernails . . . → Read More: Marble

Hymn to Inanna

Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Earth. She who planted the huluppu-tree, She whose bed and throne Gilgamesh made from the huluppu-tree, Inanna, we remember you, we honor you. She who brought the sacred knowledge from Enki to her people, She who gave the ninety-four sacred me to her people, Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Queen . . . → Read More: Hymn to Inanna

Ode to Pan

Great Pan, Lord of the Wild, Father of beasts, we remember and honor you. We dance with you in the wood. We hear your flute in the songs of birds. O mighty Horned One, with the strength of a giant stag, we see your presence in the deer and fox, hawk and sparrow, wolf and . . . → Read More: Ode to Pan

Child Song

The moon shines through the winter trees. I am an owl child, hunting through the night, freed from the worries of humanity and daylight. I feel the power of the Old Ways pulsing in my blood. I am an owl child, hunting through the night. The song of the skies flows in my ears, the . . . → Read More: Child Song

Hand Upon the Handle

Hand upon my handle, my will is in control. Set the fires burning, old stories will be told. Take up your own handle, welcome to the fold. Dance under the moonlight, be joyful and bold. Wear your signs proudly, fear not in the night. Only those with wisdom have the power of true sight. Those . . . → Read More: Hand Upon the Handle


Righteousness is not my quest, boldness not my meat. Find me here in my own space, standing on my own square feet. In upon myself, I listen to the music in life’s blood’s beat. Each move I make counts triple, what came before and what comes after. I breathe my ghosts in deeply, to feel . . . → Read More: Journey

Now, I am One

I am the owl, the night hunter, I prey on fleet-footed food. I am the crow, the teller of tales, I wake with the morning light. I am the wolf, the pack master, fierce defender of family. I am the moon itself, constant, yet ever-changing. I am the sun, who calls to growing life. I . . . → Read More: Now, I am One

Pagan Haiku

Thirteen in a circle, dancing for the goddess. Full moon shines above.

Rhythm of the Earth

Drum drum, howl to the moon, coyote brother. Drum drum, smell the sage, burn the cedar. Drum drum, dance the wild wind, left foot, right, again. Drum drum, sing down the sky, wolf and eagle. Drum drum, heart beats the rhythm like raven wings. Drum drum, breathe in time, whistle your song. Drum drum, hear . . . → Read More: Rhythm of the Earth

Voice of a Fallen Tree

You, visitor in my woods, see me laying on my Mother, roots to the sky, and think “dead tree” or “so sad.” Let me tell you, you are wrong. The insects that could not live in me when my sap ran have found a home in my dry wood, weave their trails upon my bark. . . . → Read More: Voice of a Fallen Tree

Selections from the Dream Manual

Selections from the Dream Manual is the magical-art-thoughtchild of Bill Whitcomb and Mike Skrtic. It is beautiful, dream-like, and absorbing. I’m using a small snip of a picture as a teaser. Go see it for yourself.

Lateralus and the Fibonacci Series

American Henges

The United States has a variety of reproductions of Stonehenge: Foamhenge, Carhenge, you name it, American’s have probably used it to build some variation on Stonehenge. Check Roadside America for a rather diverse listing. And that doesn’t even include the one in Spinal Tap.

Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones provide 10 guidelines for humanity — carved in stone in 12 languages. This is a modern mystery, in that the author(s) have chosen to be anonymous.

Nashville Parthenon

The city of Nashville, Tennessee boasts a full size replica of the Parthenon. See my page that describes my visit there for more information.

Stroke of Insight

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight is a fascinating and unique viewpoint. What happens when a neuroanatomist studies her own stroke? She encounters nirvana.