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Ode to Athena

Great grey-eyed lady
of the shield and spear,
wise one, keeper of cities.
Athena, we honor your strength,
wisdom and beauty.
Help us wield your two-edged
sword of wisdom and truth.
Let your blessed owl
brush us with his wings
that we may take to the air
at his side.
Athena, goddess of crafts,
of the loom and bridle,
giver of justice,
we honor you and give thanks
for your blessings and protection.

Prayer to Hekate

Prayer to Hekate

Dark Lady, light bearer.
Come to me when I am tired
and searching for myself.
When I doubt, show me my strength.
When I am wrong, show me my path to right.
Light the crossroads before me
so I may see my way.
Queen of Transitions,
Guardian of Doorways,
Hekate, bless my journeys
through dark and dawn, day and dusk.
Help me to bring to balance
the forces within myself
light and dark, above and below.
As a coin cannot have only one side,
I am not whole, one without the other.

Thor Thunderer

Thor Thunderer

Thor Thunderer,
wielder of Mjollnir,
driver of the Chariot of Storms.
O fiery protector,
I ask for the strength of your arms
and the compassion of your heart.
You who could raise the serpent from the depths,
lend me the power of your will,
that I may face my trials with clear purpose
and my adversaries with firm intent.
Blesser of unions,
conqueror of giants,
I ask your aid in surmounting
whatever I face.
Great Thor,
I send my thanks
on the wings of incense
and with mead raised high.


Birds pull me from sleep
with the joy of their morning call.
I unfold into the sunlight,
a seedling every year,
contributing to the smell of green
and the new life of Imbolc.

The sun sweats along with me.
Dogs lie in the shade.
We dance around
the Beltane fire,
breathe the incense of desire,
and chant under the stars.

Leaves are the color of fire
left over from summer.
Crisp air wakens me.
Harvest moon guides me.
The open veil of Samhain
releases me.

I gather friends, sharing warmth
under winter’s quilt.
We welcome bits of evergreen
to remind us that the cold moon
doesn’t last forever.
Yule turns the wheel another notch
and the circle remains unbroken.

Every Day

In the light of the gods,
I live my life.
In the shadow of the night,
I live my life.
I am tied,
in blood and bone and genetic code,
to dust, to the world, to the universe.
The spider web connections of my life
are boundless,
in the past and future
as well as now,
the eternal now.
The world changes every day,
whether we notice
or not,
whether we willingly participate
or not.
In the bright of the day,
I live my life.
In the shadow of the gods,
I live my life.


Fire and Forge

Fire and forge,
blood, bone, and breath.
I walk the road
twixt birth and death,
and return again
from beyond the veil,
with soul renewed
and body hale.

Forge and flame,
breath, bone, and blood.
The life force flows
in stone and wood,
in bird and beast
the spark ignites,
all connected
in the mage’s sight.

Fire and forge,
blood, breath and bone.
Each path’s unique,
we make our own.
World tree, gods and guides,
above, below.
Earth, moon, sun and stars.
Dream and make it so.


I’d forgotten about sunsets,
so caught in the cogs,
the daily slow hour and
  fast headache world.
But Thursday, there were deer
  grazing on the highway shoulder.
Yesterday, the scent of lavendar
  won through the car exhaust.
And tonight, there was a sailor’s
  delight, flush pink sky.
And I remembered sunsets.


To Beg the Motion

I stretch ahead, to move forward,
to beg the motion to take me on,
but I know the road is broken.
I stumble on my love,
I stumble on emotion,
I crumble by the shore.
And climb again upon the rocks,
reaching for more.
I stretch ahead, to move forward,
to beg the motion to take me on.
I’m mired in my lifetime,
the ebb and flow of my desire,
the mirrors that forsake me
as I look beyond the door.
I stretch ahead, to move forward,
to beg the motion to take me on,
please let the flow erase me,
rebuild me stronger on.
I know the road is broken,
let me walk the chasms further on.

12/2007, inspired by the instrumental “To Beg the Motion” by

Pemaquid Day

You’re only allowed to feel the cooling breeze
if you hear the ocean come ashore.
Find the places where the sea crawls,
insinuating itself between the rocks,
a shy but eager child
looking for a place to rest.
Find the places where the sea demands attention,
chisels the stone like a sculptor
so used to his work
that the blows are unconscious.

It’s that time of day
when the sky and sea
are the same color,
the clouds are islands,
and you can’t be sure
you’re not driving down
into the sky.

The stars are profuse tonight,
faint and brilliant,
they make a contour map of the sky.
You can reach out
and feel textures,
touch the light cotton
of the Milky Way
and prick your finger
on carnelian Mars.

Maine Sculpture

The striations in the stone,
their roughness to the touch,
make the rocks a sensual thing,
neither male nor female.
The very cracks in the granite
make it harder, sharper,
and I want to add
the sweat of my fingers
to the centuries’ salt water,
not to destroy,
but to take part in its shaping.


The line between sea and sky
blurs in the fog.
Beyond the jade foam
and ivory spray,
beyond the marble, flexing
muscles of the ocean,
the world drops away
into cold grey chaos.

This is the might
of the heart of the world,
thrusting fingers older
than Neptune
into the shore,
scratching with ancient fingernails
to make impressions
on the back of Mother Earth

making ridges in the rock
marking where time
will join them again
and again.
Here lies the birth and death
of each tiny life.
Here is all that remains
of history.

Hymn to Inanna

Inanna, Queen of Heaven,
Queen of Earth.
She who planted the huluppu-tree,
She whose bed and throne
Gilgamesh made from the huluppu-tree,
Inanna, we remember you,
we honor you.
She who brought the sacred knowledge
from Enki to her people,
She who gave the ninety-four
sacred me to her people,
Inanna, Queen of Heaven,
Queen of Earth.
She who descended through
the seven veils of death,
She who returned
from the place of no return,
Inanna, we remember you,
we honor you.
She who loved Dumuzi,
who punished and forgave Dumuzi.
She who set the year in two
for Geshtinanna and Dumuzi,
Inanna, Queen of Heaven,
Queen of Earth.

Ode to Pan

Great Pan, Lord of the Wild,
Father of beasts,
we remember and honor you.
We dance with you in the wood.
We hear your flute
in the songs of birds.
O mighty Horned One,
with the strength of a giant stag,
we see your presence
in the deer and fox,
hawk and sparrow,
wolf and lamb.
We dance with you
in the wild wood
and listen to your
words of prophesy.
Pan, Cernunnos, Herne,
Leader of the Wild Hunt,
we welcome you.

Child Song

The moon shines through the winter trees.
I am an owl child,
hunting through the night,
freed from the worries
of humanity and daylight.
I feel the power of the Old Ways
pulsing in my blood.
I am an owl child,
hunting through the night.
The song of the skies
flows in my ears,
the wind speaks
and I understand,
for I am descended
of Wolf and Eagle,
Bear and the burrowing Mole.
The Badger and the Mountain Lion
are my brothers.
Mother, I am your child,
seeking through the night.

Hand Upon the Handle

Hand upon my handle,
my will is in control.
Set the fires burning,
old stories will be told.
Take up your own handle,
welcome to the fold.
Dance under the moonlight,
be joyful and bold.
Wear your signs proudly,
fear not in the night.
Only those with wisdom
have the power of true sight.
Those who burn a candle
will never lack the light.
Always ask your questions,
for knowledge is your right.


Righteousness is not my quest,
boldness not my meat.
Find me here in my own space,
standing on my own square feet.
In upon myself, I listen
to the music in life’s blood’s beat.
Each move I make counts triple,
what came before and what comes after.
I breathe my ghosts in deeply,
to feel my wings pulse faster.
Bend my heart to the journey,
bless my soul with fire.
With the strength of the great wood
in my veins, my spirit never tires.

Now, I am One

I am the owl,
the night hunter,
I prey on fleet-footed food.
I am the crow,
the teller of tales,
I wake with the morning light.
I am the wolf,
the pack master,
fierce defender of family.
I am the moon itself,
constant, yet ever-changing.
I am the sun,
who calls to growing life.
I am the earth,
solid and liquid,
mountain and river.
I am the air that is breathed,
the fire that warms,
destroys and creates.
I am the transformation
of night into day,
of day into night.
I am at the edge
of all that is new
and the memory
of all that is old.
I am the bridge
between yesterday,
today and tomorrow.
I am birth and life and death,
the life beyond and back again.
I am the circle, the square,
and the triangle.
I am the five-pointed star.
I am one.

Pagan Haiku

Thirteen in a circle,
dancing for the goddess.
Full moon shines above.

Rhythm of the Earth

Drum drum,
howl to the moon,
coyote brother.
Drum drum,
smell the sage,
burn the cedar.
Drum drum,
dance the wild wind,
left foot, right, again.
Drum drum,
sing down the sky,
wolf and eagle.
Drum drum,
heart beats the rhythm
like raven wings.
Drum drum,
breathe in time,
whistle your song.
Drum drum,
hear the owl hoot.
Drum drum,
add your voice.
Drum drum,
to the night.
Drum drum,
the night is yours.
Drum drum,
take it, take it,
drum drum.


Voice of a Fallen Tree

You, visitor in my woods,
see me laying on my Mother,
roots to the sky,
and think “dead tree”
or “so sad.”
Let me tell you, you are wrong.
The insects that could not live
in me when my sap ran
have found a home in my dry wood,
weave their trails upon my bark.
Amidst my roots,
covered in clay and dirt,
live lizards, safe and warm.
Though my branches don’t reach as high,
nests are still built upon them.
My leaves that were,
give comfort to the ground,
and the seeds of me have been
sown on the winds
and grow in distant lands.
I serve a purpose
well beyond my supposed death.
When I finally rot and fall apart,
I will be the nurturer
for another’s seeds.
I hope that your bones
will someday be as blessed,
that you understand death
is just a passageway,
and the most mighty
live by their service.