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   blue pentagramchaos starOwlspirit’s Nest – Just what is that anyway? Back in 1998, I wanted a place to share my thoughts, bits of knowledge, questions, and so on, mostly around Wicca. Over time, I have continued to grow and evolve and so has this site. Gone is the old Wicca 101 stuff (there are tons of those out there, you don’t need mine) and many other things have been added. There are still some Wiccan related items), but I’ve also added items related to chaos magic, alternative religions, and other things that have caught my interest.If you are looking for ceremonial magic or white-lighters or “how to be a witch in 6 easy lessons”, well, those are a few things you won’t find here. If you’re open to seeking and exploring, wander around here for a while, you might find something interesting

The Spirituality pages have information on things that relate to Wicca or somehow connect to deity. The Explorations sections have to do with things off the beaten path or that I’ve just found interesting. The Magic section has some items related to magic and some personal projects, the Virtual Wizard (which is still under construction) and an original magical system I’ve developed, called Vokaor. As you can guess, the Reviews section has book reviews and I hope to add some movie reviews. Musings has essays about whatever was on my mind at the time — probably the most blog-like section you’ll find here.

External reviews and comments on my work:
Occult Paradigm review of Vokaor
If you are interested in talking to me about Vokaor, my poetry, or anything else on this site, you can email me.

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